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Evenement pro (9) (web)

  Consulting, Design & Creation

You want to organize an event and you are looking for ideas, a theme or a place?
A team of professionals and event enthusiasts is listening to you to help you imagine, plan and organize your events, whether you are a professional or an individual. We can study your desires and help you find what you need by taking into account the budget you have.

Professional Events   Private Events

Artistic services

You have an idea, you have thought of an artist and you want to hire it, you have an evening theme and you are looking for an artistic performance that will showcase your event?

From the magician to the fire-breathing, the caricaturist, the Jazz trio, the Cancan dancers …
Feel free to consult us, our experience and our artistic catalogue are there to help you find what you are looking for.


Eclairage (5) (web)Organization

You need a project manager who organizes your event from A to Z or just a person to advise you, help you lead the providers, manage the timings, setting up and coordination of all the stakeholders?

With our experience of organization and terrain and thanks to our professional teams, you can enjoy your evening in peace, everything is under control!

Logistique - Inauguration-Range-RoverLogistics

You have guest lists to manage, a set up to perform, a table plan to create or invitations to send?

A project manager can manage, for you, the logistics of your event from a to Z! It will help you to coordinate all the stakeholders, providers, to manage the timings, the setting up …


Event prive Switch (13) (web)Technical

The technique remains an important post of any event. Thanks to our team of professionals, we offer quality services for renting, installation & programming in all these technical fields:

  • Sound system
  • Lighting/Laser/LED
  • Video-Projection
  • Structure
  • Podium
  • Furniture

Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs.