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Available at the rental at our showroom or delivered, set up by our technical teams at the venue of your event.
Some equipment is also available at the sale.

Dress up your events !

Arrange your spaces, lounges, restaurants, bars, clubs, with our lounge and led furniture sets.

White leather benches, ottomans and sofas, low and high tables, luminous cubes, bars, etc. are at your disposal to give a chic, warm and friendly atmosphere to your events.


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For your outdoor or indoor events, we also offer you a wide choice of latest generation equipment: sound system, lighting, video projection, big screen …



We can provide you with all the appropriate and quality equipment necessary for the sound of your projects.

Whether for a dancing party, a concert, a speech or an outdoor or indoor event, we have everything we need from the simple microphone to the complex sound system.



You would like to have ambiance or make-up lighting, to illuminate a dance floor, a concert, or create a decorative or architectural atmosphere, we can offer you a wide choice of lighting equipment that will showcase your projects and bring them the atmosphere you want!


For a simple power-point projection or for the diffusion of a film or for mapping, we work with the best specialists to meet your needs.

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