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The hunt plane processors sound!

  • Niveau de pression acoustique uniforme.
  • Configuration indépendante par room et par layer.
  • Différents scénarios d’utilisation.
  • Contrôle de l’acoustique et de l’image sonore.


Immersive 3D Sound.

Wherever you are in the audience, comfortably seated or dancing, you benefit from high-quality relief listening thanks to the Wave Field Synthesis algorithms optimized by Sonic Emotion.


Devoted to the live show, the Wave 1 is totally interactive and makes the spatial writing of sounds very simple, with reduced latency. Movements and positions of sounds can be automated, controlled with the tools of the Wave I Suite or automated with tracking systems.


Very complete, the Wave 1 becomes the core of installations: front fills, source lines, recall plans are managed from a single processor. Its matrices, splitter filters, equalizers, limiters replace conventional and expensive broadcast processors.


Incredibly flexible, the Sonic Wave I processor adapts to any environment to provide an unforgettable listening experience anywhere, and does not require regular speaker spacing. Its interfaces are clear and intuitive, making it effective in all kinds of applications: concerts, spoken theater, sung, events, clubs, museography …


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