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Switch Vibration now offers the rental of the Village du Soir, exclusively on Geneva.
A unique place in the district of La Praille, to be discovered on the site: www.villagedusoir.ch

Discover the site in pictures :

Each area of the Village du Soir is entirely privatizable and modular.
The Village then becomes a place that belongs to you, where you can leave free court to your imagination …
You can organize all types of events, public, private or professional, from 50 to 2’000 people, alongside experienced professionals who will advise you and accompany you in the conception and realization of your events, both day and night (subject to availability of spaces and outside opening days-except in exceptional cases and special conditions).
The site offers many architectural features of industrial inspiration, versatile and flexible spaces, which can be easily adapted to virtually every need.

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Access :
A site ideally located close to Geneva and highway access, with a parking lot of capacity of nearly 1,000 seats, under the bridge of the motorway.

















Video teaser of the village of the evening :